John “Mad Jack” Churchill

A soldier in World War II, he was the only man who fought the war with a sword and a longbow. He enlisted in the British Army

The tldr; of Churchill isĀ  he:

  • charged at Nazi garrisons waving his sword and screaming “Commando!!!”;
  • recorded the longest confirmed kill with a longbow;
  • stood at the fore of a landing craft playing the bagpipes before proceeding to charge the enemy in a kilt;
  • interned in a VIP prisoner of war camp because the enemy thought he was related to Winston Churchill;
  • he escaped from the prisoner of war camp; and
  • he captured over 30 prisoners at sword point.

When victory in Europe was assured he was sent to Japan and by the time he arrived in India (en route) the bombs had landed in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, he was quoted as saying “if it wasn’t for those damn yanks we could have kept the war going another 10 years”. The guy loved a little bit of a battle.

In recounting the tales of Churchill, it was said that he was “one of those unusual men designed to lead others in combat, and such men are often restless in times of peace.”1

Churchill had been in the army initially from 1926 for a decade, before retiring and turning to commercial ventures. He returned, though, in 1939 with the outbreak of the second World War saying that “[I was] back in my red coat; the country having got into a jam in my absence.”


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